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Betterbird, a fork of Mozilla Thunderbird

Betterbird is a fork (*1) of Mozilla Thunderbird, a free, open source e-mail client. It was created in 2021 by a group of developers who wanted to improve Thunderbird's user experience.

Betterbird est un fork de Mozilla Thunderbird, un client de messagerie gratuit et open source
Betterbird, un fork de Mozilla Thunderbird

Betterbird offers a range of features and enhancements over Thunderbird, including :

A more modern, intuitive user interface

New customization options

Improved performance

Bug fixes

Implementation of new features

Specific Betterbird features include :

Dark mode

Attachment preview in sidebar

Improved notification management

Improved support for IMAP accounts

A new filter system

Betterbird is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Betterbird website.

Here are a few examples of Betterbird's improvements:

Betterbird's user interface is more modern and intuitive, with brighter colors and more consistent design elements.

Betterbird offers a range of new customization options, including the ability to change interface color, font size and notification display.

Betterbird has been optimized to improve performance, especially start-up time and browsing speed.

Betterbird fixes a number of bugs that were present in Thunderbird.

Betterbird implements new features, including a dark mode, attachment preview in the

In conclusion, Betterbird is an interesting alternative to Thunderbird for users who want a more modern, customizable and high-performance user experience.

You can install Betterbird at the same time as Thunderbird and run them on the same profile. This means you can try out Betterbird with no apparent hassle (*2) and switch back to Thunderbird if you don't like it.

*1 In computing, a fork is the creation of new software from the source code of existing software.

*2 declines all responsibility for any misuse or malfunction of this program. If you install it, you do so at your own risk! OS: Windows, macOS & Linux

Language: multilingual

Price: Free

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