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WizTree - probably the world's fastest disk space analyzer

WizTree is probably the world's fastest disk space analyzer. It analyzes your hard disk and shows you which files and folders are taking up the most disk space. Useful for quickly locating and deleting obsolete files and folders occupying your hard disk space unnecessarily.

WizTree - l'analyseur d'espace disque certainement le plus rapide au monde

The program is similar to applications such as WinDirStat, TreeSize, Disk Falcon, FolderVisualizer, GetFolderSize, Disk Space Fan, SpaceSniffer and others, but is much faster. WizTree works only on local, NTFS-formatted disks. It is capable of displaying the 1000 largest files, sorting the contents of your hard disk by size, attributes and modification date. Right-click to display file properties and open a command prompt. You can also decide to delete the file immediately, copy its path, etc.

Also available in a portable version.


Be careful not to delete files that are essential to the operation of your PC !

OS : Windows 10 & 11 Language : multilingual Price : Free

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