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BatteryInfoView monitors laptop battery health

Fewer and fewer notebook manufacturers clearly indicate battery life in order to reduce production costs. The remaining information is basic, and the operating system is not always forthcoming on this subject, or forces us to search its intricacies.

BatteryInfoView monitors laptop battery health

Nirsoft produces a number of free utilities to make life easier for the user, including BatteryInfoView.

BatteryInfoView is a small application for Windows notebooks (all versions) which displays the current status and information about your battery. Battery information displayed includes battery name, manufacturer, serial number, date of manufacture, power status (charge/discharge), current battery capacity, fully charged capacity, voltage, charge/discharge rate, and more...

The BatteryInfoView application has two display modes:

> General status mode displaying battery information (press F7)

Displays general status and information about your battery. Information is updated every 10 seconds by default, and you can change this update frequency in the "Advanced Options" window (F9). There are 4 calculated fields which are only updated every 30 seconds or more.

Example: HP Probook 430 G3 laptop battery

BatteryInfoView monitors laptop battery health

> Battery log mode describing the evolution of battery behavior (press F8)

In this window, a new log containing battery status (power status, % capacity, etc.) is added every 30 seconds by a new log line. You can modify the logging interval in the "Advanced Options" window (F9). A new log line is also added when the computer is suspended (standby/hibernation) and resumed, so you can easily see how quickly the battery is discharging when the computer is in standby mode.

BatteryInfoView monitors laptop battery health

The BatteryInfoView utility lets you check the battery's condition and know when it's starting to show signs of premature weakness (estimated remaining life), so you can replace it.

It's also very useful on new, extra-flat PCs whose battery is integrated into the shell and whose capacity depends on the space available.

It's free, easy to use, requires no installation and is multilingual, thanks to the download of a language file (BatteryInfoView_lng.ini ) to be placed, once unpacked, in the initial BatteryInfoView folder.

Downloads :

Software: BatteryInfoView

Language pack: BatteryInfoView (FR version to be unpacked and placed in the chosen folder)

See the list of language packs at the bottom of the software website page.

Official page: BatteryInfoView

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